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Developing Elite Performers

Now in a fully revised and updated third edition, Science and Soccer is still the most  comprehensive and accessible introduction to the science behind the world’s most popular sport.

Offering important guidance on how science translates into practice, the book examines every key facet of the sport, with a particular focus on the development of elite performers.

The topics covered include:

 anatomy, physiology, psychology, sociology and biomechanics;

 principles of training;

 nutrition;

 physical and mental preparation;

 playing surfaces and equipment;  decision making and skill acquisition;

 coaching and coach education;

 performance analysis;

 talent identification and youth development. Science and Soccer is a unique resource for students and academics working in sports science.

It is essential reading for all professional support staff working in the game, including coaches at all levels, physiotherapists, conditioning specialists, performance analysts, club doctors and sport psychologists. 

A. Mark Williams is Professor and Head of Sport Sciences at Brunel University, London.

He has published extensively in the areas related to skill acquisition, expert performance, talent  identification and development and performance analysis.

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