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Rondos and Positional Games for Coaching Tactical Principles PDF

Rondos and Positional Games for Coaching Tactical Principles PDF

50 Rondos and Positional Games

It is well known, that each training session consists of several parts.

Rondos are now a firmly planned element in almost every session.

There are probably very few coaches in the world who don’t include them in practices.

Usually built in a rectangle, for example exercises in 4:4 + 2 or similar take place.

In particular, Pep Guardiola, during in his time at FC Barcelona and later at FC Bayern Munich, made positional games more and more popular in many variations.

But each Rondo has its own details and outcomes.

This eBook includes:

  • 10 Rondos for pressing.
  • 10 Rondos for offensive transitions.
  • 10 Rondos for playing deep.
  • 10 Rondos for attacking the final third.
  • 10 Rondos for speed up decision making.

The ebook by Levent Sürme and Martin Weng is something quite special.

Very good, tactical preliminary remarks clarify the authors’objective: Five main topics (pressing, going on the offensive, in-depth playing, playing in the final third and swiftness of action) are introduced using vivid examples from professional soccer and impeccably rehearsed on the basis of 10 game forms.

Of particular value is the information regarding coaching, organization and possible variations.

This allows every coach to implement the rondos and game forms presented in targeted fashion during training, and thus prepare his players in motivated and diversified fashion for the demands of the 11 against 11 game.

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