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Invasion Games - Sport New Zealand PDF

Invasion Games - Sport New Zealand PDF

Invasion and tag game

skills Tag

games Tag games are games in which two or more players chase other players in an attempt to ‘tag’ them and score a point.

The skills learnt in tag games develop to become important in many invasion games.

The important outcome is being able to read the opposition.

Chasing or shadowing

It is when the taggers track and chase down the runners.
It involves anticipating, shadowing, and outwitting the runners.
The tagger watches the runner, tries to anticipate their movements, and moves to cut down the space, perhaps by trying to manipulate the direction of the runners and tag them.
They could run diagonally to intercept the runner or side-slip to a corner with arms outstretched.


It is when the runners outwit the taggers using quick, deceptive movements.
It is more than just running and dodging skills.
Runners evade the taggers by using quick, deceptive movements (often stop-start or changing direction):
facing the tagger, side-slipping, side-stepping, or start-stopping.

Shepherding or cornering

It is when the tagger moves the runner into a corner. 
The tagger traps the runner in a corner so that they can quickly move in to make the tag.

Moving into space

It is when the runners try to move into free space past the taggers to avoid being tagged.
The runner moves away from the tagger into open spaces.
They avoid being clustered with other runners so that they have options to escape in different directions.

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