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Cobra Coaches Training Manual U13 – U18 Cobras PDF

Cobra Coaches Training Manual U13 – U18 Cobras PDF

Manual Summary

Intended audience

This manual is intended for individuals coaching competitive soccer players, ages U12 – U16.


This manual contains three parts:

1. Expectations

 Technical expectations outline specific standards expected of Cobras in age groups U12 – U16.

o This includes concepts such as the number of repetitions players should get during practice, as well as moves, skills and abilities that all coaches are expected to teach through these years.

 Tactical expectations outline specific standards regarding tactical concepts that all Cobra coaches should adhere to, regardless of personal preference.

2. Testing All Cobra coaches are expected to test their players at least twice during 2012 (once at the start, and once at the end of their seasons).

Averages, standards, and maxes are provided in the testing portion of this manual.

3. Appendices

 Appendix A—Season Plans o Includes ―staple‖ exercises for both technical and tactical development with which all players should become familiar during these ages.

o A 15 session plan is also included for coaches who wish to use it.

 Appendix B—LTPD write-up.

 Appendix C—CUSC Goalkeeper Training Program.

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