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CLUB PLAYING CONCEPT Player & Team Philosophy PDF

CLUB PLAYING CONCEPT Player & Team Philosophy PDF

The purpose of the ASA Playing Concept is to mold the "complete" player by giving all young players an education in the understanding and application of the Principles of Play, as well as training basic and advanced tactical behaviors.

This platform will assist in instilling a solid tactical understanding of the game with the intention of promoting players to reach higher levels of the game. Implementing a Club Playing Concept will allow the Club to create a clear path for player and team development.

Using a common playing style will also provide a transparent set of training guidelines and objectives for all ASA coaches and players that will allow a seamless transition between age groups, coaching staffs, levels of play and programs.

More importantly, the Club Playing Concept will aid in building a Club culture and identity.

Having common training objectives in a club-wide playing style will enable coaches to network and form relationships amongst each other that can be a catalyst for sharing ideas, discussing the game and supporting each other on and off the field.

The Club Playing Concept is designed with a building-block approach and will be implemented for teams in the Under 9 thru Under 18 age groups.

The Club Playing Concept will be introduced at the U9 & U10 “Prospects” level.

All Super 8 Teams (U11/U12), as well as the U13-U18 “Development” teams (Div1/Div2) will be required to play in this style. Divisional recreation teams (Div3/Div4) will be strongly encouraged to adhere to the Playing Concept, but participation will not be mandatory.

The Club will support the implementation and training of the Playing Concept through team development sessions, delivered with the support of Technical Staff Coaches, along with in-house coaching clinics & seminars led by the Club’s Director of Coaching and In-Club Learning Facilitator, Doug Rosenlund.

This is an exciting time for the Club and I thank all of you for your continued support of the Club's programming and initiatives.

Lastly, I thank you for your continued dedication and commitment to the development of our young players.

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