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Ball Control Drills and Games PDF

Ball Control Drills and Games PDF

Select from a large variety of Ball Control drills and games to custom design your own practice sessions.

There are fun and challenging practices for every age and skill level.

Every time your players make a poor first touch in a game they are likely to give the football away to the other team.

So in every activity in every practice session you need to observe how your players react to the ball as it arrives.

Do they choose the correct part of their body to control the ball?

Is their first touch nice and soft? Are they relaxed?

Does their first touch move the ball away from pressure and in the direction they want to pass, dribble or shoot?


The basics of ball control are the same regardless of whether the ball is being controlled with the foot, head, thigh or chest.

General coaching points on ball control and first touch Encourage your players to get into line with the flight of the ball as quickly as they can and decide how they are going to control the ball.

Work on practising control with your players' feet, thigh, chest and head so they can receive the ball at any height.

If they are controlling the ball with their thigh then get the full face of it in line with the ball.

Similarly, if they are using their chest they should receive the ball square on.

As they make contact with the ball they should relax the part of the body they are using so that it drops quickly and close to their feet so they can dribble, pass, shoot or shield the ball to give their team-mates time to take up supporting positions. What to say:

"Get into line with the flight of the ball quickly."

"Get the area of the body you're using behind the ball."

 "Relax that surface area as the ball arrives."

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