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Learn To Train Small Sided Games pdf

Attacking & Defending Two versus two each player attacking and defending PDF

Learning Intentions:

Pass and move to maintain possession of the ball.

Play as a team following instructions/strategies.

Starter Activity:

Children must high five as many other children with different coloured bibs on before the teacher says stop.


Challenge some children by asking them to pass to a different colour than they received from.


Children must pass with a underarm motion. Encourage children to change the length of their passes.

Children must only pass with eye contact and good communication.

Encourage children to find other children travelling in spaces before making a pass.


Once high fived, children must change the way they travel to the next person (example, sideways, skipping, backwards).

Once a child has been high fived they change speed for 3 steps. Introduce 10 balls (1:3 children).

Children need to exchange the ball to each other whilst keeping moving.

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