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Arsenal Academy Sessions PDF

Arsenal Academy Sessions PDF

The Football Academy's primary focus is skill development: the personal technical football skills a player needs to progress in football.

The level of commitment is higher than in the recreational league, with travel and as players training at least twice a week and playing on Saturdays.

Saturdays and Sundays if in the tournament.

The football academy has ages 11U and 10U.

Boys and girls have separate teams.U9s. Anyone wishing to enroll a 9-year-old should contact Phil.

Generally; U9s must be in third grade, and date of birth before June 30th of their birth year.

When their birth year reaches 10 years per USYS, players stay at U10.

Players need to purchase a uniform separately from the program fee.

The uniform is usually updated every two years.

Academy teams will play a travel schedule and play in our local tournaments which are included in the program fee.

Efforts are made to keep travel close to home for matches.

Scheduling is done by clubs participating in friendlies for these age groups.

We will know the location of the club we will be at on the play dates during the season in advance, but actual match times are provided by the host clubs on the week of the play dates.

U10 7v7 matches are played by the goalkeepers included.

We are looking for enthusiastic and knowledgeable coaches to join our staff coaches as coaches and/or match managers.

The coaches instill in the players the skills necessary to continue to play the best football.

Match managers take players through games to consolidate the knowledge gained in training sessions.

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