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4v4 Coaching Manual PDF

4v4 Coaching Manual PDF

Portrait of a Player

For parents and coaches of Watertown Parks and Rec.

Micro Soccer Program players A brief portrait of the first grade soccer player:

The home and yard are the most common play areas.

A first grader’s attention span is not very long.

A child this age often plays best alone (i/e/, cooperative play is rare).

A first grader should use a soccer ball to play with.

A wall or garage door makes a great playmate because the ball always comes back!

However, a kindergartner is also is transition to the school setting which provides more adult influences, cooperative learning, and playgrounds as safe play areas.

With these general premises in mind, the kindergarten soccer player will benefit from a soccer program that has small teams, parent coaches and referees, short games and practices, and no competitive pressure.

A kindergartener plays soccer because the game of kicking a ball is fun.

Kindergartners learn best by “doing” rather than being told what to do.

At soccer practice, the coach will play games of “pretend” that include a soccer ball and soccer skills (imaginary animals, movie themes and story ideas help the players become fully involved).

Players will enjoy moving from activity to activity, but will not enjoy standing in lines or listening to the coach orate on all the technical and tactical aspects of playing soccer.

Each player should have a ball at practice so that hundreds of touches of the ball can occur.

This one factor greatly increases the development of players.

Large amounts or praise and encouragement to explore will also bring better results than criticism and negative comments.

Two words that should be used very rarely on the field are “Don’t” and “Stop.”

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