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108 Essential Drills and Games - Master Coach Vol 1 PDF

108 Essential Drills and Games - Master Coach Vol 1 PDF
108 Essential Drills and Games - Master Coach Vol 1 PDF

Welcome to Master Coach Volume 1, a compilation of all the exercises, drills and games that have featured in Soccer Coach Weekly over the last six months.

It is the first time these activities have been available in print and I know they will be a fantastic addition to your coaching kit bag.

All of the drills in this manual have been tried and tested by me using the teams I coach at all age levels.

I have been influenced by coaches from grassroots through to academy standard so I understand the problems faced by coaches at every level of the game.

This has helped me create the best activities available and now it is my opportunity to pass them on to you, so that you have the opportunity to recreate these activities with your own players.

I am constantly going on courses to add to my knowledge, which is why I’m always coming up with new and innovative coaching solutions.

The activities in this book incorporate a range of coaching approaches that make it easier for you to get the best out of your players as you coach them.

Playing through the thirds, advancing technical play and getting players to take a chance without fear of failure are just a few of the things this manual stands for.

Because I spend my life coaching soccer, I know how useful it is to have a source of go-to drills and activities in your kit bag that you can refer to when you are out on the training ground.

That’s what makes this book so valuable – you can use it to plan training sessions in advance or you can use it to change sessions as you go.

It may be that you’ve planned a session for 14 players, but only six turn up to training. Or perhaps your plan to work on attack is scuppered when only defenders show.

Whatever your Plan A, you’ll always have a Plan B with Master Coach in your bag.

I’ve divided the manual into sections that group together activities and drills of similar themes.

This makes it easy for you to find the drill you need in no time at all and you can get on with the real job of coaching your players.

It also means you will have a comprehensive set of activities to use in your coaching that will solve any problem you have, anywhere on the pitch.

The fact that each copy has a plastic cover, means the manual won’t fall apart in the rain and you can easily wipe it clean before storing it back in your kit bag, which makes it ideal to use out on the training ground.

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