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This book will look to share with you, many different attacking sessions.

The book doesn’t just provide a session plan and attached images, but looks to add the underlying information for individuals, units and teams.

The information should be able to provide a coach with the confidence to take these sessions and confidently use them with their players.

‘Attacking sessions’ is a title that includes many, many different skills and components of the game. In order to be able to successfully attack, individuals and teams must have specific tactical understanding, as well as many other technical, psychological and physiological components.

It is important as a coach to understand what you want from this book, what is your game model and how do you envisage your teams attacking and scoring?

Do you have tall players that are looking to receive crosses and dominate with their physical skill-set? If this is the case then the crossing and finishing sessions might help you develop these skills in your players.

If your team favour a more positional, technical and ball dominated philosophy, it might be worth looking at the positional combination sessions to try and help your players understand the positional dominance needed to control space and exploit the opponent.

If you aren’t sure what you want from your team, or you just need some extra ideas, this book will help you achieve that.

However, it is probably worth considering your own game model, what is it you like to see in your team, what is it your team can offer?

How can you combine this together to create your own game model? The term ‘Game-Model’ is often seen as an ‘elite’ term that doesn’t correlate to any other format of the game.

However, a game model does have a place for every coach at every level.

It can be simply designed by taking into account the capabilities of your players, what are their strengths and weaknesses and what can you create with them?

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