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Visual Exploratory Behaviour of youth elite academy players in training and games PDF

Visual Exploratory Behaviour of youth elite academy players in training and games

For the most of my life I have been involved in sports.

I have always loved different types of sports and have competed in several different sports (football, cross country, cycling), where football was the favourite.

Sports have given me so much valuable lesions in life both on a personal and a social level.

So, when my body broke down because of injuries I still wanted to be a part of it and took a small side job as an assistant coach for a woman`s football team.

When the coaching staff was able to get a message through to the players and we made improvement and an impact during a session it made me feel very satisfied.

So, I decided to learn more about the field and started a bachelor’s degree at the Norwegian school of sport science.

After I completed that I felt the urge to learn more about how people learn and took a year to study pedagogy.

When that was completed, I still was not satisfied and thought there where more to learn in this field and started a master’s degree on the same school.

How people learn and how you can help them learn new things is something I find exciting.

When players I am in charge of improve their skills and learn new abilities it gives me a great satisfaction.

So, in search of a thesis to write about Geir Jordet suggested the topic of this thesis.

I found the topic to be interesting as this is information I as a coach can bring into the training field to try improving players in one of the most important skills in football.

Due to some life situations the thesis got delayed and at some point, I nearly gave up. Because of some particular circumstances (Corona virus) I got some time freed and was able to c omplete the thesis.

The thesis gave me a lot of valuable lessons that goes far beyond what is represented in the results of this thesis, so I do not regret doing it.

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