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The past season is in the history books for most European teams.

The deserved break will soon be coming to an end. From then on it’ll be back to the field to lead your team to a championship.

For coaches and managers it means a lot of planning, before the first foot will touch the grass this season.

But how do you plan a season properly?

Some simple advice should help you to create a clear and solid structure for your upcoming soccer season plan.

The question “why do I need to plan my season in detail?” should be answered first. 

“Shouldn’t be the game schedule enough?” The answer is simple: If you want to accomplish great things with your team, detailed planning is the key to your success and one of your main responsibilities as a coach.

A good periodization of your soccer season helps you and your team to perform at the highest level when it is really needed.

You have the opportunity to include variations in your training cycle from the start, which prevents your players from plateauing and losing their motivation.

At the same time, regeneration sessions should be a part of your training schedule to give your players the mental and physical rest so they stay in shape for the course of the season.

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