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In this work, we want to present the secrets of Unai Emery.

Unai Emery, in the 2020/2021 season, rewrote his name in the UEFA EUROPE LEAGUE history by winning it for the 4th time.

After 3 consecutive wins at the service of Seville FC and a final lost when coaching Arsenal, last season the Spanish coach won the competition again, showing the football community the ability and strategic sense he deploys in his teams.

In this work, we will present:

• Game idea by Unai Emery;

• Our analysis of Unai Emery’s Game Model as Villarreal’s coach;

• Training methodology based on a microcycle planning;

• Train the match we want to play (analysis of the training session on the eve of the UEFA EUROPE LEAGUE final and link between the strategy for the fixture in the training session and its match deployment);

• Emery’s winning method used in managing his teams;

• Proposals for solving leadership dilemmas.Emery is a winner.

He brings together in the best possible way a great knowledge and match reading, training knowledge, and a contagious and motivating energy in leading his teams.

The die is cast, so stay with us.Unai Emery sees intensity and aggressiveness, defensive or offensive, as extremely important factors in achieving success.

The basis of his game idea is founded on these two very important concepts in modern football.

But there are others that Emery does not abdicate in the day-to-day running of his teams:

• Intelligence: smart players make an intelligent team that is ready to make the right decisions on the pitch;

• Stamina: physically and emotionally resilient team;

• Solidarity: solidarity is fundamental when we live in a group;

• Competitiveness: players have to be competitive, first with teammates and then with opponents;

• Communication: it is important that the players participate.

They should express themselves, be sincere, benefiting the work group;

• Leadership: among the players, leaders are needed.

They will be the extension of the coach within the pitch;

• Personality: the goal is to have players with a behavioral pattern that positively benefits the group.

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