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Preseason Information and Summer Conditioning Program PDF

Preseason Information and Summer Conditioning Program

The conditioning program that follows is designed to prepare your for preseason and a competitive season at the high school level.

Summer conditioning is essential in order to reduce the likelihood of injury and to allow you to maximize your potential on the soccer field.

There is no perfect conditioning program. Our program has been designed so that no special equipment or prior conditioning experience is required.

Some players may wish to supplement this program with a more rigorous strength program, and I encourage you to do so, but ONLY IF you have developed a solid base strength previously AND if you have experience and/or guidance with the strength program.

Please don’t be discouraged if you fail to meet the recommended times and repetitions in the program.

If you are new to conditioning, it is unlikely (and unexpected) for you to reach these training standards during your first summer of conditioning.

For older and more experienced conditioned athletes, these times and repetitions should serve as a realistic guide as you build toward a competitive match-fitness level.

Included is an outline of our fitness test for the year.

The conditioning program incorporates three “practice” tests so that you can establish a baseline and monitor your improvement.

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