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Off Season Weight Lifting Program PDF

Off Season Weight Lifting Program
Olympic weightlifting is a one rep max sport that is showcased in a split second on stage.
While one may view the outcome of a training season and think it's all about maxing out, the truth is that the foundation of muscle, technique, and strength is built across months and months of arduous training leading up to the singular event or season.
Off-season training for Olympic weightlifters should allow for coaches and athletes to work through technical issues with lighter loads, attack weaknesses, add muscle mass, heal any nagging injuries from the competitive season, and improve general physical preparedness.
Additionally, the athletes should be able to mentally relax and learn to enjoy training, do new movements and variations to aid in overall performance, and train in a less regimented and intense manner.
In this article, we will discuss:
Benefits of an Off Season for Olympic Weightlifters
How Long Should an Off Season Last?
How to Transition from an Off Season Program into a More Regimented Competitive Weightlifting Preparatory Program.
Sample 4-Day Off Season Weightlifting Program.

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