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Futsal Coaching manual PDF

Futsal Coaching manual

Since the fi rst FIFA Futsal World Cup, which was held in Holland in 1989, this variant of football has achieved enormous popularity.

This is not only demonstrated by the increasing number of member associations that participate in the qualifi ers for the Futsal World Cup but also by those that set up their own local, regional or domestic competitions.

FIFA fosters this development through various training and support programmes for its member associations.

In this sense, special attention has been paid to the training of futsal coaches and instructors, as these are the people who are responsible in the beginning for teaching techniques and tactics, as well as for transmitting the spirit of fair play in futsal.

In order to adapt to the hectic pace of development in recent years, FIFA is making constant efforts in order to keep its educational material up to date.

This manual, complemented by a DVD of exercises, is an example of these efforts and will now be used in all the courses for FIFA futsal coaches.

This manual, with its introduction on the history and characteristics of the sport, with its simple, clear explanations of techniques and tactics, as well as its many practical exercises, will serve as the ideal tool both for beginners and for more advanced players and coaches.

I would like to encourage all participants in this course to take advantage of this valuable training programme and to contribute further to strengthening the development of this sport by using their knowledge and experience.

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