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Rondos Direct from Pep Guardiola's Training Sessions

Rondos Direct from Pep Guardiola's Training Sessions

Following the hugely popular Volume 1 book, Volume 2 gives you a rare insight into Pep Guardiola's Training Sessions and another chance to learn from one of the best coaches in the history of football.

The 85 Practices included in this book are:

  • Warm-ups
  • Speed & Agility Exercises
  • Technical Circuits
  • Passing
  • Rondos
  • "Juego de Posición" (Positional Games)
  • Possession Games
  • Attacking Positional Patterns of Play
  • Small to Large Sided Games

Taken directly from Pep's training sessions at Manchester CityBayern Munich and FC Barcelona.

This is your chance to practice and apply Pep Guardiola’s training sessions to develop your players' speed, agility, technique and positional play – a unique opportunity to improve your team's performance using practices from the highest level.


  • Training Session Warm-up Exercises (3 Man City)
  • Manchester City Pre-Match Warm-up
  • Speed and Agility Exercises Without a Ball (2 Man City, 1 Bayern)
  • Speed and Agility Exercises With a Ball (7 Barcelona)
  • Technical Circuits (8 Man City, 10 Bayern)
  • Manchester City Passing Practices (6 Man City)
  • Bayern Munich Passing Practices (7 Bayern)
  • FC Barcelona Passing Practices (12 Barcelona)
  • Rondos (5 Man City, 1 Barcelona)
  • "Juego de Posición" (Positional Games) and Possession Games (5 Man City, 4 Bayern, 4 Barcelona)
  • Attacking Positional Patterns of Play (4 Man City)
  • Small to Large Sided Games (2 Man City, 1 Bayern, 2 Barcelona)


  • Combined Actions: Switch Play, Cross and Finish in a Speed & Agility Practice
  • High Intensity Speed, Power and Agility Training Circuit with 3 v 2 Duel
  • 3 v 1 + Quick Passing Combination with Aerial Pass in Behind and Finish
  • 3 v 1 Ground and Aerial Triangle Rondos
  • "Juego de Posición" 8 v 8 (+3) Possession and Transition Game.

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