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Positional Play Principles and Explanation PDF

Positional Play Principles and Explanation

Positional Play

Before we get into more details and start explaining concepts behind positional play, it's important to clarify and give a brief overview about it, since there's lots of misunderstanding and misconceptions.
The most common misconception is confusing Positional Play with Possession Play.
Although you can use both, they are not obligated to be used together.
Saying this, we can play possession without using positional principles, and using positional play don't obligate you to play possession.
(we'll talk more about your options later).
It's a game idea to simplify the complexity of the game, using a relationship between positions, spaces and time.
Offensively, the objectives are to maintain possession, progress up the pitch, and ultimately score a goal.
Defensively, a team wants to regain possession, negate any opposing progress up the field, and deny any goal scoring opportunities.
Usually associate with Possession of the ball - that is used as a tool, but not as a main goal - pretend to promote relationships between players, their positions, spaces (according with the moments of the game), creating/exploration of the superiorities (such as numerical, qualitative, positional, socialaffection and kinetic) in a tactical and technical common language inside the team.
We'll take later about the superiorities, but now we'll explain more about the principles.

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