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Why did Fortum choose football & the Finnish FA?

• Football is outstandingly the most popular sport in Finland when measured by registered youth players (59 759 registered players in the age group of under 12).

• Football has strong presence on grass root level across the country.

• Fortum contacted Finnish FA, who had a solution that fit perfectly to Fortum’s sponsoring approach.

Fortum Tutor Program in a Nutshell

• Started in 2009 by Finnish FA and Fortum.
• Created and facilitated and developed by Finnish FA, financed by Fortum.
• Fortum finances 80 % of tutors’ salary. Club teams finance 20 %.
• Fortum’s investment goes directly to the program  clubs.
• Fortum in charge of marketing communication.
• The most significant, single sponsorship investment in the history of Finnish youth football.

Program Objectives

• Secure an inspiring hobby and skilled coach for every child.
• Raise the quality of youth training in the age group of 5-11.
• Raise the coaching skills of youth coaches in age group of 5-11  Raise the level youth football in Finland.
• Develop club teams’ capabilities as a quality hobby provider.

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