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Considering the need: 
a) to ensure the future quality of football, which lies to a large extent in the hands of the coaches, who have a vital role to play in the development of the players and the game;
b) to promote and foster football coach education throughout UEFA’s territory and for all competitions organised by UEFA and its member associations;
c) to ensure that coach education remains under the sole and exclusive control of UEFA and its member associations;
d)to promote European integration and, in particular, the free movement of qualified coaches, by incorporating a general system for the mutual recognition of UEFA member association education in football;
e) for unified minimum standards of coaching to guarantee the performance quality of coaches acting on UEFA’s territory;
f) to protect footballers from exposure to coaches without appropriate education who might have a negative effect on their physical, psychological or technical development;
g)for modern football to have well-educated professional and amateur coaches, on and off the field;
h)to preserve and improve the level of coaching in Europe through vocational training;
i) to increase the number of male and female coaches with coaching qualifications and licences that are recognised throughout Europe;
j) to establish football coaching as a recognised, regulated profession;
UEFA and the UEFA member associations that are parties to the present convention have agreed the following.

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