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Training sessions for U16-U18 PDF

Training sessions for U16-U18

The Professional Athletic Training Blog acknowledges the commitment and hard work that goes into becoming an athlete of the highest caliber.
At this stage, the athlete has developed exceptionally high technical and tactical skills and is preparing as a professional for all competitions.
The academy is centered around athletes from under 16 to 18 years old.
The program pushes athletes to really challenge themselves, not give up and always fight back.
They've also gone from "learning to compete" in pre-academy to "competing to win" now.
In today's youth football climate, players need a challenge.
This is critical to our players in the academy.
They have worked tirelessly to develop a competitive mindset that includes tactical coaching, match analysis, college football planning and a focus on "overcoming adversity".
The foundation of having healthy, happy players is important to the overall success of our program.
We understand that tailoring a program to a child's age is the only way to help them succeed.
U16 - U18 players must be prepared to fight hard for victory.

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