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Training Session Warm-up Exercises PDF

Direct from Pep Guardiola's Manchester City Training Sessions.

1. One-Touch Combination Play with Aerial Pass in a Warm-up Circuit

All players rotate positions (A -> B -> C -> D -> A).


1. Player A meets in the middle with the opposite Player A.

2. They hold hands and side-step to the cone.

3. Player A on the left moves between the hurdles and 2 foot jumps over the 2nd. Player A on the right 2 foot jumps over all 3 hurdles.

4. The Coach passes the ball.

5. Player A receives.

6. Player A passes to Player B.

7. Player B passes the ball back (1-2).

8. Player A plays an aerial pass to Player C.

9. Player C plays the ball back for Player B.

10. Player B passes in front of the mannequin for Player C to run onto.

11. Player C either passes to Player D's feet or in front of the mannequin for him run onto.

12. Player D receives and dribbles through the yellow poles to the start.

Training Session Warm-up Exercises

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