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The Magic Group

What a year 2020 was and I’m delighted with how we adapted as a group to pivot and move towards delivering sessions through social distancing measures.
I for one could never have imagined at the beginning of 2020 I’d be delivering sessions through zoom. Credit to our team of professional coaches we adapted to the measures in place and continued to provide a service for our members.
Not only that in terms of mental health I believed this helped Parents as well to give some sort of normality and routine back to our members daily and weekly schedules.
Sadly we lost some of our coaches who returned home to Europe and South America in uncertain times. We as a group rolled up our sleeves and took on the extra responsibility in terms of making sure every School, Club and team received high standard coaching.
Magic United F.C (Magic) continues to provide player development with the professional coaching on offer.
Again Magic has supplied Gold Coast Knights F.C (Knights) with players who now enter the Skill Acquisition (SAP) phase for U9’s to Under 12’s. The Magic program underpins this program and allows the Knights to ensure they have one of the best SAP programs in South East Queensland. Magic also plays a crucial role in players own individual journeys.

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