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Rondos How to use Spain’s secret weapon

Possession Style

The possession style of play is synonymous with teams like Barcelona, Villarreal and the Spanish national team, and it’s no coincidence that Rondo’s are an integral part of their training methodology.
First we need to understand what the possession style of play is and that it isn’t “pass, pass, pass” like many think.
The possession style is when a team tries to take control of the match by having more possession than the opposition, both in offensive & defensive phases of play.
When you set out to play this style and you want to have more possession than the opposition, but it’s not possession for the sake of it. The intention is to keep the ball while you set up you tactical plans or positional attacks, rather than surrender the ball to the opposition.
When we see team like Barcelona playing short passes back & forth in the midfield it’s not just to attain great pass completion stats; but to move the opposition, either to create space for a pass or to expose a tactical weakness to exploit.
When using this style of play it doesn’t mean we pass over all options.
The first thought is to run forward or dribble with the ball if we can and not to tell our player to pass every time they have the ball. 

Train Like You Play 

One of the important aspects of your training is making sure that it is done with your playing style and tactical plans in mind.
Using rondo’s is a fantastic way to integrate the possession style of play with your team and, as we will see, help with technical, tactical and positional aspects of your teams overall play.
Using rondo’s is not the only way to train and if you use a more direct or counter attacking style of play then there are better training forms that you can use in order to teach your players the style of play you hope to play in matches.
When you’re planning your sessions, try to create the the pictures that you want to see in the game so that your players can recognise and react to things they have practices time & time again.
This is one of the most important aspects of using rondos both for a technical and tactical point of view. This is also why there are popular ways to set up and structure rondos within your training sessions. You will see in the diagrams that the players used with be specific to the aspect of play we want to work on.

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