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My football manual PDF

My football manual

If we want to deal with the coaching vocation, to leave a trace or a stamp during that process to get the best out of ourselves, we have to spend a lot of time and work.
During that time the coach should be constantly in the process of work, to improve what he needs professionalism for literature and contemporary trends and exchange and respect for the opinions of other colleagues, thanks to which it will gain professional experience and methods that will greatly mean to him to achieve the set goals and On this path, one of the basic preconditions for good work is to avoid improvisation, chaos in work and certainly doubts about what has been done (confidence in yourself, your work and your associates and players).
What should be adhered to and which is also the key to success is planned, systematic and certainlyرoriginal work.
Dear colleagues, on the upcoming pages of this work "My football manual", you will have the opportunity to meet my vision of the process of functioning of work in younger categories, resulting from eight years of experience and work in several Montenegrin clubs (from U-12 cocks to youth U-18), and two years of experience as a coordinator within the development program youth football under the auspices of the FSCG.
You will have the opportunity to read the guidelines in the work through the motor, technical and tactical elements of the football game itself, which will be accompanied by practical exercises, games, tabular displays of plans, programs as well as tests related to both individuals and for the group of players.
Of course, through the inevitable review of the sensitive phases in working with a young and not yet fully formed player.
The goal of my entire 60-page presentation and Chapter 51 is not to teach anyone how what needs to be done, but my wish was to share with you my work, opinion and conclusions, accompanied by modest success, in working with younger categories that I think at the very least it can serve you as a way or perhaps at least as a guideline that you may lack in forming your creative direction and further training in working with younger categories.
All exercises, combinations, auxiliary games are shown through sketches and schemes, with many explanations, analysis, tabular representations and finally the results obtained by practical work in the field.
I would note that I did not write this paper considering myself an expert who will point out how it should be, quite the opposite - I am still learning and I am hungry for knowledge and experience, and your opinion about all this would be mine represented just one more guideline from which I would again learn something new and be richer and more experienced.

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