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LEVEL 4 UEFA ‘A’ LICENCE Support Handbook PDF

LEVEL 4 UEFA ‘A’ LICENCE Support Handbook

Thank you for uploading this resource provided by the current UEFA 'A' and FA license Licensed teacher.
I can assure you that the following brochure and CD(r) contain the entirety Colorful session plans, along with interactive TACBOARD presentations and The supporting information will surely advance your knowledge of the training processAnd delivery at level 4 UEFA „A license.
This resource is not intended to conflict with what I developed on any An FA course that you may have attended or that any other teacher taught you but designed To help develop you at club level or prepare you for a future A license course Or refresher perhaps..

The resource covers the principles of attack and defense In-depth information and session plans to advance your knowledge on and off the field to licensing standard.
Comprehensive session plans with information about technology to jobs, to SSG moves to play stages and then 11v11.
Team play for The examples contain 8 variations and 18 slices of information.
In addition there is also Singles jobs, stages and 11 vs 11.
There is also a BONUS section with 9 UEFA „B session plans for those times when Not all of your players also have Speed, Agility and Warm-up sessions Using the information, TACBOARD (c) and session plans are provided as learning tool, you will be able to develop your own ideas and plans for future sessions.

plans Available in these resources show starting points, various scenarios, progression, and player Suggest movement, session developments, who, where and what to coach Training points and tips from your current FA teacher. Please remember that CD (R) It has a huge amount of information about it, so please give it time to upload it to a file the system.

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