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Jürgen Klopp became known as a coach for the style of play he established at Borussia Dortmund which was characterised by intensity, rhythm, energy, and speed, with the main exponent of all of these features being used in the transition phases, both from attack to defence and defence to attack.
The famous gegenpressing (counter pressing) was and still is a big weapon for Klopp.
When his teams lose the ball, he wants to apply an immediate and synchronised high press to win the ball back as soon as possible.
He then wants to exploit the unbalanced positioning of the opposition to finish the attack in seconds (with a few passes and a final action).
Jürgen Klopp arrived in Liverpool in October 2015 and implemented this style of play immediately, and he did it successfully.
However, he realised that perhaps this way alone cannot lead him to his main goal for which he went to England for; to win the Premier League title.
Therefore, Klopp developed his team’s style of play so that it became more flexible and Liverpool found easier solutions to the regular problems they face from different types of opponents in the Premier League, where the previous more simplistic tactics may have been less successful.
This book focuses on the period of 2018-2020, in which Liverpool have further evolved their game and become a lethal and dominant force in England and Europe.
In this period Jürgen Klopp’s Liverpool team faced and found solutions against opponents that used many different tactics: 
Opponents who defend deep in the low zone with many players in front of the box.
Opponents with many players on the ball side of the pitch to create a strong defensive side.
Opponents who defend in the middle zone with all their players behind the ball
Opponents that tried to apply high pressing y + More... In this book, we will try to present all of these situations and show the solutions Liverpool used to overcome these tactical problems to become the dominant team in Europe with all these achievements:
UEFA Champions League winners (2019).
UEFA Champions League runners-up (2018) y Premier League winners (2019-2020).
Premier League runners-up (2018-2019).
FIFA World Club Cup winners (2019).
UEFA Super Cup winners (2019).
During the last two Premier League seasons combined (76 matches), Jürgen Klopp’s Liverpool team have a record of 62 wins, 10 draws, and only 4 losses, and have scored an incredible 174 goals. For this book, I have analysed how Liverpool score their goals and provided evidence and presented detailed examples. 
This analysis is then used to create full training sessions, so you the coach can implement Jürgen Klopp and Liverpool’s tactics into your training sessions.

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