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Football Coaching Courses and Qualifications PDF

Football Coaching Courses and Qualifications

Coaching Young Footballers (CYF)

Coaching Young Footballers (CYF) is the first course in football coaching that allows the interested candidate to get initiated into the realms of coaching. It deals with the Fundamental stage which is the first stage in the Long-Term Player Development process. During this course participants are introduced to the basic principles of football coaching and to an understanding of the responsibility of the coach towards the different stakeholders. The candidate can aspire to coach young footballers after completion of the course. This course has a duration of 20 hours and has a part dedicated to Coerver Coaching.

Learning outcomes 

 Recognise and identify the main characteristics of the FUNdamental stage.
 Differentiate between and apply the ABC’s that characterise the FUNdamental phase.
 Express child development in each of the 4 corners of development that is tactical, technical, physical and mental.
 Appraise the role of the coach at such a critical stage.
 Recognise and apply a host of exercises and games that are useful for this age.
 Practice the Coerver Coaching method and apply this methodology for the FUNdamental stage.
 Differentiate between multilateral education and early. specialisation and recognise that development does not happen instantly but there are different pathways taken by different players.
 Recognise that session planning is about fun and activities and can demonstrate such games and activities with children.
 Analyse the relations between the coach, the player and the parent and ascertain how they can work together for the player to develop.
 Recognise that the 4v4 game and other small sided games are the natural games for children to play.
 Recognise that it is all about development and the child and not about winning and the coach.
 Experiment with handling the ball which is the foundation for goalkeeping training.
 Recognise that dribbling is the key fundamental skill in this age.  Recognise that safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility.
 Determine the best practice when working with youngsters in football?
 Differentiate between abuse and poor practice.

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