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100 Elite Workout PDF

100 Elite Workout

First of all, I want to sincerely thank you for checking out your new exercise.

By visiting my blog This tells me many things about you.

First, you care about strength, conditioning and Second, know the benefits you get from it.

You are serious about taking the next step Improving performance and I am happy to help you achieve that.

All exercises are displayed via clickable links in your PDF exercise. This is how you are It can be accessed from your computer or any mobile device you choose to download it to.

we too Include 'Weight Room Flow' videos to show you exactly how to perform each day detailed as possible.

All we care about is the details! Each block is divided into 4 week sections.

This special program is designed as our winter season 100 Elite Workout PDF Program.

The first block consists of exercises and programming designed to Increasing tactical awareness of the tactical culture of the football player.

The second block is programmed to increase strength The strength of the athlete.

Exercise is full of progression and should be progressive for all individuals and all ages.

You are asked to use your discretion when performing the exercise, especially for novice players.

everyone The exercises should focus on safety first. Never sacrifice safety for weight.This is critical.Don't stress about how much weight one can do, pressure builds up.

This exercise is intended to allow athletes For learners and instructors to teach lifts in proper succession.

Number one on our agenda is injury prevention for athletes. Number two is development and performance.

Make sure to advance only when the athlete is ready to advance. Sometimes it's the best Progress is downgrading in terms of weight, safety and proper form.

Make sure to warm up before each exercise. Feel free to play with the numbers that suit your playing style.

You have independence. when Running and pistol, fast-paced attack? Reduce your rest times a little. If you play slower, Systematic, geared toward running, you can raise your rest times a bit.

Set high standards and get paid Athletic but be realistic in your goals.

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