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U.S. SOCCER - United States Soccer Federation PDF

U.S. SOCCER - United States Soccer Federation PDF

Thousands of coaches have attended and successfully completed an U.S. Soccer Federation coaching course since they were first developed in 1971.

Regardless of the level of certification or license attempted, the prime objective of the coaching education program is to provide all coaches from the beginner to the most advanced with up-to-date theoretical and practical knowledge.

Coaching certification begins at the state level with introductory the 6-hour “Youth Module” and the 18-hour “E” Certificate courses.

These courses cover elementary principles of coaching and the “E” Certificate course prepares interested coaches for the 36-hour “D” License.

Successful completion of the “D” course certifies coaches with either a State or National “D” License.

Both licenses are non-expiring and are awarded following the completion of both theoretical and practical testing.

Candidates wishing to attend a US Soccer National Coaching School to take the “C” License course must have earned and held a National “D” License for a minimum of 12 months.

The “E” is designed for the parent/coach who may or may not have any previous soccer playing or coaching experience.

The curriculum focuses on the development of the player, both individually and as part of the team.

The emphasis will be to build on the player’s technical development by applying tactical concepts within game situations.

The content in this manual along with the information presented by the instructor, should assist you in learning more about the game and the best way to coach youth players.

A. Objectives for the “E” Certificate

• To prepare coaches working with players ages 9-12 years old by expanding their knowledge and understanding of the technical and tactical demands of the game and the developmental process necessary for players of these ages.

• To provide an understanding of practical coaching methodology and the framework necessary to prepare players and a team for competition.

• To prepare coaches for whom this represents their final coaching course as well as those who plan to pursue an advanced US Soccer Federation State and or National License.

B. Expectations of candidates

• Participate in all activities (field, lecture and discussion groups).

• Complete the On the Field and the In the Class Comprehensive Assessment & Review.

Given the variety of candidates attending a “E” Certificate course, flexibility in scheduling is necessary.

A sample schedule is included, although the course schedule may be altered to accommodate the specific needs of a course.

Regardless of how the course schedule is altered, the curriculum components and the time allotment per session/course must remain the same.

A. Course Component Allotment/Organization.

B. Sample Schedule.

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