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This session is designed to work both players
fitness and get them thinking about their off the ball movement to possess the ball.

The key objective is to have all the players constantly moving and opening up thier body to receive the ball and play their way out of pressure.

Many young and inexperienced players have the bad habit of kicking the ball away without looking.

Sometimes it comes off, but most of the time these players are only playing into the hands of their opposition, as the opposition recovers the ball without having to do any defending.

Players of any age need to learn how to keep possession of the ball, particularly under pressure, and how to turn that possession into goal scoring opportunities.

Tiki taka football is nice and all, but possession needs to have a purpose and that is exactly what we are going to explore in this session plan all about what we call Progressive Possession.

Here is a session plan all about keeping possession of the ball, with a purpose.

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