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Soccer – Perfect Ball Control PDF

Soccer – Perfect Ball Control PDF

This practical book contains more than 160 exercises and ball games as well as over 200 photos and 120 illustrations covering ball control, dribbling, passing, crossing and shooting at the goal.
Want to learn to dribble and feint like Maradona or Ronaldinho, and to juggle the ball like Jay-Jay Okocha or Edgar Davids?
In his book, Peter Schreiner clearly and simply shows players and coaches alike how to teach and learn techniques that are required for attractive, offensive soccer.
Players become good ball handlers and master tricks that enable them to beat other players and score more goals.
Coaches learn how to organize effective and learning-intensive team and individual training.
The modern game of soccer puts players of all abilities under great pressure from both time and opponents.
It is rarely possible to receive the ball calmly and then dribble, pass or shoot at the goal.
Only players who have perfect ball control in the most difficult situations can quickly and safely – often on the move – be able to play successful soccer.
Perfect ball control does not just begin when the ball is at the player’s foot; it should always be seen in the context of a game situation and an opponent.
Well before the first touch of the ball, the player should be preparing to receive it by absorbing information and making split-second judgments as to which move would best suit this particular game scenario (anticipation).
His/her decisions and the way he plays as a result determine the success of his Perfect ball control can therefore be divided into four phases:
1. Preparation for the first touch (perception, release, adopting the body position necessary for the game situation).
2. The first touch.
3. Actions with the ball (dribbling, feints).
4. Final action (pass, cross, shot at the goal).

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