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Soccer Drills PDF

Soccer Drills

There are complimentary YouTube videos to help you follow along for several chapters in this book.

Ever wish you had pre-planned drills to use in practice?

Wish you had drills with specific coaching points that doubled your confidence by pointing out what to teach your team?

Want to learn which drill best develops the ”Big 3” soccer skills?

Are you ever uncertain that your practices are not developing your players quickly enough?

If any of these situations describe where you are at, then this book is for you.

Making practices into an enjoyable experience for your players while also ensuring they are developing quickly is not an easy feat.

Other soccer books on drills provide too little guidance and are not written to make it easy for you to reference the drills prior to a practice.

The drills in this book have

accompanying graphics for you to follow along easily.

Sure, there are likely some drills you already enjoy doing with your team, but this book provides 17 drills covering the topics of passing and receiving, dribbling and foot skills, defending, and shooting and finishing.

Also, this book details 6 games that players love to play.

Please note that though this book does cover some of the technical aspects of soccer such as the proper form for passing and receiving a pass, it does not cover the steps of every technical topic.

Other books in the Understand Soccer series have been created to cover more technical subjects and are also available on Amazon.com.

Outcomes of applying the facts in this book:

- Know the key thing to do in practices to help your team develop twice as quickly.
- Learn what topics to emphasize based on the age of your players.
- Discover how to motivate players with different levels of drive.

- Understand 5 important things every coach should teach in practice.
- Have easy drills to set up no matter the size of your team.
Why does learning these things matter?
Well, building your soccer knowledge grows your coaching confidence.
Coaching self-esteem is key for you, the coach, to build the belief in yourself to know how to handle the difficult situations that can arise from drills during practice.

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