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Science and Soccer PDF

Science and Soccer PDF

Football is the world’s most popular form of sport, being played in every nation without exception.

The most widespread code is association football or soccer.

The sport has a rich history though it was formalized as we know it today by the establishment of the Football Association in 1863.

The game soon spread to continental European countries and later to South America and the other continents.

The world’s governing body, the Federation of the International Football Association (FIFA), was set up in 1904 and the first Olympic soccer competition was held four years later.

The United Kingdom won the final 2–0, defeating Denmark, another nation playing a leading role in the popularization of the game.

Uruguay played host to the first World Cup tournament in 1930.

This competition is held every four years and is arguably the tournament with the most fanatical hold on its spectators and TV audiences.

Only six nations have won the tournament—Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, England and Italy.


Whilst they may represent the top teams at elite level, the popularity of the game is reflected in the millions who participate in soccer at lower levels of play.

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