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Keith's Secret Soccer Manual - Fallston Soccer PDF

Divide the team in two.

Place players in a 20 x 20 yd grid without a ball.

Place an equal number of players on outside of the grid each with a ball.

Inside players move around the grid freely, receive a ball from an outside player and return it as quickly as they can.

Switch positions after a while.


• Return with one touch, then two touches,

• Receive with outside of the foot, inside of the foot, left foot only...

• Receive balls out of the air.

• Receive, turn and find a different target.

Coaching Points

• Quality of first touch. Keep it outside your "footprints" so that it can be returned quickly.

• Prepare the receiving surface as soon as possible. • Be first to the ball, get into the line of flight of the ball. • Make "eye contact" with the server.

• Changes of speed and direction.

• Do not run "across" the server, check back at an angle.

This makes it easier to turn and look back over your shoulder.

Keith's Secret Soccer Manual - Fallston Soccer

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