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27 Soccer Specific Conditioning Drills PDF

27 Soccer Specific Conditioning Drills PDF

This first book in Mark Kislich‘s series on physical preparation for soccer gives you, the player or coach, the ability to finally train right for your sport –to develop the qualities necessary for competing in todays‘ highly physical football, 

and last but not least to prevent the wrong training from wasting your time and even jeopardizing your career.

"I played for many top Champions League teams over the years, including FC Barcelona, Chelsea and Tottenham Hot Spurs.

During that time I worked with quite a few physical coaches: some good, some not so good, some excellent.

I can say that without a doubt, Mark belongs to the latter category."

Here, he introduces a sound, tried, tested and true system that‘s properly structured for maximal speed, explosiveness and optimal stamina in today‘s football.

A professionally periodized Off-Season Program complete with tables and detailed pictures of all exercises together with a logical maintenance approach make sure that you will increase your performance continuously,

from season to season: rising to the peak of your physical potential.

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