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Sports Medicine Essentials PDF

Sports Medicine Essentials: Core Concepts in Athletic Training & Fitness Instruction, 2nd Edition encompasses the fields of athletic training and fitness instruction.

It is appropriate for high school and college level students interested in athletic training or fitness instruction.

Written by a National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA)-certified athletic trainer, Sports Medicine Essentials provides students with the skills and knowledge they need to establish a career path in sports medicine in roles such as athletic trainer, physical therapist, strength and conditioning specialist, personal trainer, or medical salesperson. Topics include anatomy and physiology, emergency preparedness, vital signs, basic life support, treatment and prevention of injuries, nutrition and weight control, therapeutic modalities, and physical rehabilitation.

Students in sports medicine have to be multifaceted.

All facets of sports medicine are included within the chapters.

Additionally, Sports Medicine Essentials provides an introduction to injury evaluation, rehabilitation, fitness evaluation, strength and conditioning, taping and wrapping techniques, and medical sales.

The need for well-trained athletic trainers now and in the future is substantial in high schools as well as many other levels.

With the changes in health insurance coverage, self-knowledge in health care is also very important.

The goal of Sports Medicine Essentials is to ensure that the student is given a well-rounded view of the field of sports medicine.


The book is divided into 25 chapters. The first part of the book establishes some of the available careers in sports medicine.

Later chapters present the knowledge and skills needed in those careers.

The chapters can be used in sequence, or because of the independent strength of each chapter, they can be used out of sequence.

Although this book is designed to be used as a textbook, when the class is completed, it can easily be used as a reference book.


Each chapter begins with Objectives and Key Terms that will help focus the student on the concepts to be covered.

Student Enrichment Activities found at the end of every chapter provide review questions and activities so students can check their comprehension.

Each chapter also contains Thinking It Through scenarios that promote critical thinking skills that students can apply to real-life situations.

Full-color photos and illustrations bring authenticity to the content.


All chapters have been revised for better readability and updated with changing information and new photos where applicable.

Listed below are some of the highlights of those updates. Chapter One was revised to reflect the changes in the career path to become a certified athletic trainer.

Chapter Two includes an updated definition of an athletic trainer to match NATA’s description as well as new curriculum and certification guidelines set by NATA and the Board of Certification.

In addition, Health Insurance Portability and Accounting Act (HIPAA) regulations and how they relate to athletic training and other health care professions have been included.

Chapter Three now refers to the “strength and conditioning specialist.”

In Chapter Four, the NATA Code of Ethics has been updated.

Chapter Five has updated fitness charts. Chapter Six has updated nutritional charts based on changes to the Food Guide Pyramid and new information on creatine, steroids, and hydration has been included. Chapters Seven and Eight have been updated as needed and Chapter Nine includes updated CPR standards.

Chapters Ten, Eleven, and Twelve include updated first aid kits, new standards for infection control, and new blood pressure standards.

Chapter Thirteen now includes the use of an automated external defibrillator (AED) and new CPR standards.

Chapter Fourteen has updated Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines and updated wound care, and Chapter Fifteen has new concussion guidelines.

Chapters Sixteen, Seventeen, and Eighteen have many new illustrations and include information on the Epstein-Barr virus.

Chapter Nineteen now includes lightning, one of the top-three causes of weather-related deaths.

Chapter Twenty has been updated to the new first aid standards; Chapter Twenty-One now includes elastic wraps; and Chapter Twenty-Two addresses managing sports injuries and determining return to play.

Chapter Twenty-Four continues to address physical rehabilitation.

Chapter Twenty-Five has been updated to match current sales conditions.

Sports Medicine Essentials

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