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Soccer Training Programs PDF

Soccer Training Programs PDF

Success on the soccer field demands a high degree of fitness, technical skills and tactical ability from players.
The challenge for coaches is to devise training programs which meet these requirements while remaining safe, interesting and fun.
This is particularly true in amateur soccer where facilities and equipment are often less than ideal and there are special motivational considerations.
Soccer Training Programs contains a collection of 96 detailed plans designed to be used by amateur coaches.
Each program is based on knowledge and techniques developed in professional soccer and other sports which have been adapted to the specific conditions and needs of the amateur game.
In clear and concise chapters Soccer Training Programs also provides an overview of the key aspects of a coach s work, including physical training, skill development, tactics and psychological preparation.
Other features of the book include a valuable discussion of periodisation for soccer, a special section on supplementary indoor training activities and an appendix of stretching exercises.

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