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Session Plans, Drills, and Evaluation Tools PDF

Session Plans, Drills, and Evaluation Tools PDF

This Soccer Coaching Manual has been designed to assist you with:

planning, choosing appropriate drills, and evaluating a session (the learning cycle:

planning, execution, reflection).

To assist with planning there is a basic guide to what should be involved in a session plan, and a basic template.

To assist with choosing the correct drills you will find a coaching database that is divided by age, and by skill.

To assist with gaining a reflection you will find a self-evaluation and peer evaluation form.

A good coach should:

1. Create an effective learning environment.

2. Start a session with an introduction which includes aims and objectives.

3. Use demonstrations where possible (a picture paints a thousand words).

4. Allow adequate time for practice of skills and techniques.

5. Give constructive and positive feedback.

6. During drills a coach should analyze the participant’s strengths and areas for improvement. 7. A coach should give guidance.

A good coach should demonstrate the following transferable skills:

time management, communication skills (verbal and non-verbal), role model, presentation skills, a good knowledge of the sport, organizational skills, planning, listening skills, leadership skills, and the ability to evaluate.

The roles of a coach are:

advisor, assessor, counselor, demonstrator, friend, facilitator, fact finder, fountain of knowledge, instructor, mentor, motivator, organizer/planner, and supporter.

Ethical responsibilities include subjects such as: competence, humanity, relationships, commitment, cooperation, integrity, advertising, confidentiality, abuse of privilege, and safety.

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