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Kaya FC Academy Sessions PDF

Kaya FC Academy Sessions PDF

Kaya FC Academy Sessions operate on a 7 week cycle where the coaches will deliver the sessions either as prescribed in the coaching manual, or deliver a session which the coach themselves has designed and has been approved by our Technical Director.

All age groups will follow the same training cycle, with the sessions altered depending on the age group and the level of the training group*.

During the training cycle, coaches cover various topics to ensure that each individual player is afforded a well-rounded football education with each session prepared, organised and delivered to the highest standard.

Within each session, we also touch upon various sub-topics using our constraints and games led approach to enable a more organic learning environment.

 Our academy players learn in a very dynamic, game-related setting which means you won’t see players stood around in lines and doing endless un-opposed drills.

Instead, you will see players interacting with oneanother in activities that resemble the game of football.

The aim of this approach is to develop freethinking, autonomous footballers, capable of making their own decisions during matchplay.

We believe that this approach will lead a heightened level of enjoyment of the game as well as a stronger affinity towards the football club as a whole.

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