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The analysis of performance is vital in soccer if the individual/team is to be successful.

For many soccer coaches the information gained from performances will not only form the basis of weekly training programmes, but also may act as the primary source for the scheduling of seasonal plans.

In order to do this, and use performance analysis successfully, it is fundamental to have a clear strategy encompassing what you wish to analyse, how you are to undertake the process and most importantly how this information can then be translated and applied to benefit performance.

Such details can often prove very difficult to determine as the ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘why’ are often reliant on several factors that may affect the coach’s choice one way or another.

Although match analysis is not new to sport, through developments in technology and the introduction of sport science to soccer it can be used in a number of different ways and a variety of formats.

As coaches it is vital that we are aware of these developments to ensure that we are able to analyse performance in a contemporary way to improve individual and team play.

The Handbook of Soccer Match Analysis provides coaches with such information through an extensive introduction to the many ways of implementing performance analysis in soccer.

Through the provision of soccer specific examples, contemporary statistics and discussions at several levels this handbook provides invaluable support to help coaches and sport scientists apply their findings in a practical setting to optimise player performance.

An ideal companion for all serious soccer coaches wishing to develop their knowledge of the processes of match analysis at the very highest level, this book successfully bridges the gap between theory and practice.

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