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Grassroots eBook Vol.1 – U7/U8 PDF

Grassroots eBook Vol.1 – U7/U8 PDF

This session manual is to support the coaches currently working in the U7/U8 age groups.

This manual provides 8 weeks of session plans designed specifically for the U7/U8 soccer player The session break down for a 60 minute session is the following:

1. Warm up – Technical (10 minutes).

- Warm and technique should include fun games and practices that prepare the player physically and mentally for the activity ahead.

Players are stretching naturally during the technical work.

2. Technique (10 minutes)

- Technique part that you introduce the skill you are working on, whether it is passing or dribbling this is where you practice this technique with no pressure (no defenders).

3. Multi Skill Activity (10 minutes)

- Multi skill activity is where we introduce some opposed practice while keeping the focus on the technique.

Allowing players to practice this in a more game related environment.

4. Scrimmage (20 minutes)

I have not included scrimmages in the session plan, this is the best part please play a game at end of EVERY practice.

This is how the players learn and love the game. Please include the following in the scrimmages:

• Goals (cones or sweater or rebounders).

• Multi ball (coaches are ready to serve the next ball in.

• Keep the game flowing (kids will get a good sweat on).

• If ball goes out then coach passes next one in – keep it quick.

• Don’t stop it too much in the game, let the kids play.

I hope you enjoy this e book, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

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