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Football tutorial author Tutorialspoint | Source: Tutorialspoint PDF

Football tutorial author Tutorialspoint | Source: Tutorialspoint PDF

About the Tutorial

Football or soccer is the most popular ball game around the world.

Football requires a lot of stamina and staying power on the ground as it is all about foot speed, and the confidence to skillfully maneuver the ball to score a goal.

This tutorial explains the simple yet fundamental rules of the game and various terminologies involved.

It also provides information on the various associations that help organize tournaments around the world.

Prominent players who have made history are also featured towards the conclusion of the document.

The information here is meant to supplement your knowledge on the game.

It is not a comprehensive guide on how to play.


This tutorial is meant for anyone who wants to know and learn about football.

It is prepared keeping in mind that the reader is unaware about the basics of the game.

It is a basic guide to help a beginner understand the game of football.


Before proceeding with this tutorial, you are required to have a passion for the most popular game in the world i.e.

football and an eagerness to acquire knowledge on the same.

Football is the most popular sport worldwide. It is also called “soccer” in some countries.

It is an outdoor game that requires absolute athleticism as players have to hustle and run across the field with the ball throughout the game.

The name of the sport was derived by the way it is played.

This sport took its shape in the 18th century. China being the mother of Football may raise a few eyebrows.

In early days, this sport was played by kids in China which was later picked up by the senior fellows.

Despite the origin in Asia, the sport was well received and adapted by people of Europe and South-American countries.

Spain, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, and England are some of the best football playing countries.

At the same time, there are international tournaments organized in Europe that many clubs participate and compete in for a prestigious .

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