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 It’s vitally important that players are able to attack and defend in 1v1 situations. Coaches often accelerate into small games of 3v3, 4v4, 5v5 etc without spending adequate time on the basic attacking and defending principles.

1v1 practice games are vital to any coach as this situation occurs naturally in any game.

players must feel comfortable dealing with these situations and finding a solution whether they are in attack or defence.

The practices in this Journal are designed to be unpredictable, forcing the players to make quick choices / decisions in order to come out on top.

Insights that I would give my players are; 

In attack - 

• “Try to slow the defender down and then accelerate”.

• “All you need is half a yard”.

• “Take the defender away from where you want to go, this will give you the space to attack”.

• (For example a right footed player would take a defender to the left, before accelerating quickly into the space created on the right).

In defence - 

• “Close the space”.

• “Show away from danger or towards a team-mate”.

• “Force the opponent to play backwards or sideways”.

• “Be patient and stay on your feet”.

• “If you delay the attacker for 3-5 seconds then you will have given your team mates enough time to recover and support you”.


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