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WYSA Session Plans: 11v11(7th-12th Grade) PDF

WYSA Session Plans: 11v11(7th-12th Grade) PDF

What makes a session have a good flow?

Here are some things to consider: 
1. Preparation
- Understanding the session plan and setting up your training.
2. Knowing Your Players 
- Adapt to each personality.
3. Demonstrations
- Be the example, or use Assistant Coach/Technical Director or players to demonstrate drills and concepts.
4. Modifications
- Knowing when to progress or regress.
5. Communication
- Be sure to ask questions and be open to feedback.

Play – Practice - Play

Using the Play - Practice - Play method allows a coach to establish an objective during match conditions.
“We need our younger players to “play” freely more in training. This method allows more “free” play but then also gives the opportunity to teach using activities in the middle (isolation method) before going back to the game.” 
-Vincent Ganzberg DOC Indiana Youth Soccer.
US Soccer Coaching Education National Staff.
NSCAA National Staff.

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