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Training Manual Graphics / Exercises PDF

Coaches’ Manual 
Training Session 
Training Manual Graphics / Exercises PDF

Before the training session: 
• What will be the goal (s) to achieve? 
• Put the training session on paper• Prepare the training in advance on the field (cones / plastic plates,goals, bibs, etc.).
• Agree on roles of all coaches.
Start of the training session: 
• Explain the goal of the training session (referring to examples of the last game / training session).
• Put the players in the organization of the exercise.
•Explain the exercise.
• Play an example.
• Start the exercise.
• If needed correct the organization (distance, touches, players, etc.).
During the training session: 
• Close attention to: passes,reception, choices of the players, etc.
• Corrections; for example: more precision, more speed, the pass on the right foot.
• Competition element (more or less touches / distance bigger or smaller / more or less resistance / winning goal or last minute score)
Evaluation of the training session: 
• What have been the moments to learn from?
• How has been the atmosphere?• Has it been dynamic enough?
• Has no time been lost (prepare the field in advance / enough balls, etc.)?

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