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Mauricio Pochettino’s coaching career began at a very young age, when he took charge of relegation-threatened Espanyol in the beginning of 2009 aged just 36.

Pochettino known as Poch, had spoken about how he had already began thinking about his coaching career long before he stopped Playing, took over a relegation doomed Espnayol who had already sacked two managers that season, and took the risk on the untested and unproved Pochettino.

Poch was a fan favorite at Espnayol having played at the club previously, and guided Espnayol away from the relegation places, and in to tenth place.

The early influence of his former boss were very evident, Marcelo Biesla influence was for all to see.

His aggressive nature out of possession, and brave positional play in possession Replicated that of his former boss.

Pochettino then made the switch to the premier league, taking control of Southampton, taking points from premier league giants such as Manchester United on the way to a successful period, before taking charge of Tottenham Hotspurs.

Pochettino’s Beliefs

Poch has commonly received praise for his ability to integrate young players in to his first team, but not only integrate these players, but provide them with a platform to succeed, and an environment that allows them to prosper and develop.

When asked what was important to his coaching philosophy Pochettino was very clear ‘Its about relationships’ its about beef and faith with people, especially with young people, you have to be able to give them to platform to grow and perform, and allow them to perform and grow In their own time, some players take 3 months to be able to cope with the first team environment, some players take 18 months or two years, it depends on how.

“He was a key player, committed to marking, but his work went beyond the football pitch.

Bielsa would instruct him — and the other younger players — to perform tactical tasks away from training” - Mazur.

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