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My Vision & My Structure Louis van Gaal PDF


My Vision & My Structure Louis van Gaal PDF

Particular Structure

  1. To the people in the organization can rely on a clear framework.
  2. I see chances because I believe in preparation (preparation is half the work).

37 Staff Members

  1. The frst thing I did when I became coach of the national team was to pick my entire staf.
  2. The entire world thought I would frst select all my players. No. Your staf. You need to surround yourself with a great staf.
  3. We need to have the best team to support the players.
  4. I let specialists advise me and I usually follow through on that advise. Nearly every time. But I have the fnal say because it has to ft within my vision.

Training, Analysis & Evaluation

  1. Not something I can do alone because I do not have the wisdom to know everything.
  2. I listen to specialists.
  3. It’s my job to manage them.
  4. We have 2 assistant coaches, 1 goalkeeper coach and the head coach (4 people who are working on the game, technically and strategically).
  5. The analytic department, managed by my computer guru, have 12 people who prepare, train, analyze and evaluate.

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