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Josep Guardiola Sala, know as ‘Pe p’ was born in Santpedor, Spain a small town near the Catalonian capital Barcelona.

Pep’s early life revolved around the playing of football, including working as a ball boy at local games, to provide him with the opportunity to watch more football.

Pep made the move to Barcelona aged 13, to stay and train at La masia.

Following his signing to Barcelona aged 13, Pep spent the next six years competing and training for Barcelona, developing his skills before making his debut for Barcelona C in 1988, and then his debut for the B team in 1990, before eventually his debut for Barcelona’s senior team later that season, Guardiola would eventually break in to the first team on a permanent basis making 263 appearances as well as 47 appearances for Spain between 1992-2001.

Pep eventually departed Barcelona in the summer of 2001.

Pep benefited as a player from some of the advise of players such as Johan Cruyff, who advised coaches to play him centrally, Players such as Laudrup also had an influence over Guardiola, English influences were also prevalent with coaches such as Bobby Robson.

These cultural influences

“I have learned a lot from Pep. He’s a genius.

I can learn more from him in an hour than from others in one year. He not only lifts you to the next level on the pitch, but also in your mind. He has revealed totally new options to me.

I did not know that was possible when I got to Munich. He found a new position for me.” – Douglas Costa

“Space in the key to playing passes. Playing passes is the key success” 

Player Centered Decisions or Player Involved Decisions?

Guardiola has spoken extensively on the need to include players in the sharing of information, which leads to the player being more engaged in the decision making process, but also makes the player more aware of differences in the opponents technical and tactical strengths.

His belief that player who are more involved in the decision making process from a emotional and psychological view are more likely to engaged in the task they have been set, this belief of Guardiola is further supported.

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